Oil/Water Separators – Essential to clean, high quality compressed air

Atlas Copco OSC Series oil/water separators are a seamlessly integrated solution for your compressed air system. The OSC Series oil/water separator uses patented technology in a multi-stage process to ensure exceptional performance and trouble free operation – key attributes in the stringent manufacturing environment of today.

Using filters and activated carbon, the Atlas Copco OSC series delivers a number of significant benefits:

  • Filter precludes need for gravitational separation of oil and water. This results in improved stability and eliminates the effects of oil density.
  • Model selection is simplified and unit size is reduced for lower capital investment.
  • Simple but robust design enables easy installation, no setup and fast & east clean filter changeover.
  • Maintenance indicator to eliminates the need for special testing.
  • …and many others.

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PSI Compressors supplies and installs Atlas Copco OSC Series oil/water separators and accessories for any industrial or manufacturing application.

For more detailed information and specifications please refer to the OSC/OSD oil/water separator product brochure, or visit the Atlas Copco website.

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