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Clean compressed air is very important, not just to ensure the highest possible end product quality, but also to protect your compressed air or vacuum system and components. Air filtration is critical in intake and after compression, to remove impurities produces clean and reliable compressed air for your manufacturing processes. Eliminate the headache and guesswork of filtration. Let PSI Compressors find, supply and maintain your filtration needs today.

Atlas Copco filters are silicone-free and designed to remove contaminants efficiently and effectively with minimum of pressure drop and energy consumption of the compressed air system. Atlas Copco has a complete set of filters for every application, to ensure clean compressed air in capacities ranging from 19 to 15,256 cfm (9 to 7,200 l/s). Atlas Copco filter models remove, dust, oil, water and other contaminants from compressed air to very stringent specifications, depending on the application, and they do so consistently and for extended periods without maintenance.

Atlas Copco Filters provide you with the following benefits:

  • One housing fits all filters
  • Maximum contaminant removal
  • Significant energy savings
  • Limited system operating costs
  • Increased reliability
  • Easy maintenance

But there’s more…

Atlas Copco filters have built-in safety features, such as an audible alarm which warns the user when attempting to dismantle the filter under pressure. Another feature is a convenient pressure relief valve which allows each unit to be depressurized before dismantling, and which also provides for a simple check that the automatic drain is functioning correctly. Atlas Copco filters are engineered for safe manufacturing environments for ease of use and maintenance.

Atlas Copco filters have a die cast aluminum housing, with a corrosion resistant paint coating to ensure maximum protection against wear in manufacturing environments. The versatile housing design ensures that your investment is protected, even if your needs change. Just add or remove housings, or change filters as necessary or needed – the flexibility is always there.

The filter elements are designed with large effective filtration surface for minimum pressure drop and long life-time, providing reduced operational and maintenance costs. A differential pressure gauge is standard on most filter models to allow for easy monitoring for element replacement as necessary.

Common Filter Types

DD Filters

The DD range of coalescing filters for general-purpose protection removes liquid water and oil aerosols to 0.1 mg/m³ (0.1 ppm) and particles down to 1 micron. The DDp range are particulate filters for dust protection. They remove particles down to 1 micron.

The filter media for DD and DDp filters is of different grades of borosilicate micro-fibres to provide the right purity of compressed air according to ISO 8573.1.

PD Filters

The PD range of high efficiency coalescing filters, remove liquid water and aerosols to 0.01 mg/m³ (0.01 ppm) and particles down to 0.01 micron.

The filter media for PD filters is of different grades of borosilicate micro-fibres to provide the right purity of compressed air according to ISO 8573.1.

UD+ (new)

The new Atlas Copco UD+ filter combines the popular, effective and efficient DD and PD filters into one unified filter. Combining the two filters into one, reduces the number of enclosures, as well as the need to replace individual filters. This reduces capital cost as well as ongoing cost. Furthermore, using a single housing and filter reduced the pressure drop of your compressed air, saving energy cost as well. The new UD+ filter is a “must have” if you are already using DD and PD filters inline with your compressed air.

QD Filters

The QD range of active carbon filters is used for removal of oil and hydrocarbon odours. The maximum remaining oil content is 0.003 mg/m³ (0.003 ppm).

For the QD filters the filtration media is impregnated with activated carbon to remove hydrocarbon vapours.

Other/Specialty Filters

DDp+, PDp+ are dust filters. DD+, PD+ are oil coalescence filters.

PSI Compressors supplies a full range of Atlas Copco filters and housings for every compressor need. Please call us today at 1-877-728-3236, or contact us by email to find out how we can provide the solution you need quickly.

More information….

A number of optional components for these filter ranges are available, such as filter connection kits, pressure drop indicator with voltage-free contact, wall mounting kits and quick coupling for drainage.

For more detailed information, specifications, applications and options available with Atlas Copco filters, please refer to the following brochures:

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