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Air receivers can help to ensure that you always have compressed air, particularly during peak times, when your system may not be able to produce as much as you need on demand.

Whether you need a custom or engineered solution, or whether a stock air receiver will do the job, PSI Compressors can help you. We will ensure your new compressed air receivers are adequate for your needs. We will survey your compressed air system, analyze your compressed air usage and factor in your future needs. You can be assured that we will design, source, install and maintain your compressed air receivers along with your compressed air system to give you the peace of mind you need in your manufacturing or industrial process.

For most applications and for custom solutions, we work with SteelFab, our trusted partner, to deliver safe and industry leading air receivers.

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Air Receiver Features

  • For all site conditions – All our air receivers operate effectively at ambient temperatures. For wet and humid compressed air a condensate drain in option is present.
  • High reliability – Our air receivers are engineered to withstand stress, pulsations and vibrations expected in industrial/manufacturing environments.
  • Safe sizing – Our air receivers are engineered to match compressor design pressures.
  • Sturdy construction – The air receiver units come in a variety of finishes including galvanized.
  • Easy installation – Our air receivers are fitted with legs or mounts with readily accessible fittings for ease of installation.

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PSI Compressors engineers, supplies, programs and installs compressed air management systems for any industrial or manufacturing application. PSI Compressors is a leading partner in compressed air systems, air management and technical support and maintenance in the Eastern Ontario region. As have many others, you can trust us to deliver on your needs, and we will stay with you to ensure you are always well looked after.

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