PSI Compressors – Your partner in compressed air management

In most cases, and certainly once your compressed air becomes a mission critical part of your manufacturing or industrial process, you will need compressed air management. Whether it involves storing compressed air, or controlling it for efficiency and load balancing, PSI Compressors is the partner you need.

Our experienced and highly trained professional staff can advise, source, install and program, and maintain your complex compressed air solution to meet your needs and budget.

Please have a look below at a few ways in which PSI Compressors can help you manage your compressed air system to maximize production at the lowest cost and wear.

Centralized Control – The path to efficiency and cost savings

Automatic and intelligent control and monitoring of your systems is the only way to achieve maximum efficiency of your compressed air system, particularly if it is comprised by multiple compressors and other active and passive components. Atlas Copco’s ES central controllers allow you to monitor and control multiple compressors simultaneously.

An Atlas Copco ES controller offers a central point of control for your entire compressed air network, ensuring all compressors work together to provide optimum performance for your process. The result is an energy efficient, load balanced network that keeps your costs to a minimum and ultimately provides peace of mind. A properly managed compressed air network saves energy, reduces maintenance, decreases downtime, increases productivity and improves and ensures product quality.

Smartlink Technology – Welcome to the Internet Age

Atlas Copco Smartlink now allows you to remote monitor your compressors. Available on new models and it can be added to older models (typically on 40hp+ models), it’s a perfect way for us to keep an eye on your equipment while you concentrate on your core business.

When integrated with the ES Series controllers, SmartLink gives you and your service reps at PSI Compressors access to a web-based monitoring dashboard. From this dashboard we can your monitor compressor performance, gather and analyse data and receive alerts during error or potentially critical conditions. This gives us the ability to act before your compressor fails, saving you precious downtime and repair costs.

PSI Compressors offers 3 monitoring levels/options to choose from. We have a solution for every need, including 24×7 mission critical monitoring.

SmartLink is easy to install and the monitoring dashboard is user-friendly and customizable. Data is gathered, compared and analyzed — providing you with both a quick snapshot and a complete in-depth analysis of your air supply — and is fully customizable to fit a your data monitoring needs. You may optionally have warning messages are sent to you via text message and email.

“The new SmartLink program alerts customers and service technicians in real-time to compressed air performance changes, allowing a service technician to address a maintenance issue before it could result in any downtime.

This new program features three levels of service monitoring starting with free service with the option to add up-time and energy monitoring at a low monthly cost.”

Alfredo Piccolo, Vice President of Service Marketing
Atlas Copco United States

Your Benefits

  • Compressor optimization – Under ES control, VSD compressors are kept within their optimum operating zone, close to the optimum point. Turbo compressors are also maintained in operation within their optimum (turndown) zone.
  • Maximum uptime – With ES control, your most economic and efficient compressors and devices are prioritized to reduce downtime, wear and operating cost, while matching your workload requirements.
  • Reduced energy costs – The compressed air demand curve for most production processes is not flat. Atlas Copco ES central controllers ensure your compressed air network always delivers your precise needs. Furthermore, the ES controller also allows you to manually or automatically create two different pressure bands to optimize energy use within different production periods. This drastically reduces costs at low-use times. As a rule of thumb, a compressors set point reduction of 14.5 psi (1 bar) leads to 7% savings in electricity costs. Such savings can be substantial over the long term, and you should be taking advantage of those savings in the competitive manufacturing market of today.
  • Minimum maintenance – The Atlas Copco ES controller ensures that system running hours are divided equally across all machines in the same group. This continual load balancing drastically reduces service costs based on equal wear on all devices. Under this model, all machines can be serviced in the same scheduled maintenance visit. Furthermore, with regularly scheduled maintenance, the likelihood of downtime is minimized and performance is optimized.

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PSI Compressors supplies, programs and installs Atlas Copco ES controllers for any industrial or manufacturing application. Depending on the service level agreement with PSI, we may also monitor and act on alarm conditions on your compressed air network, sometimes before even you are aware of them.

For more information about the Atlas Copco ES Series controllers and how we can use them to optimize your compressed air system, please call us at 1-877-728-3236, or contact us by email.

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For more technical information on the Atlas Copco ES Series controllers visit the Atlas Copco website.